SF2 · Solfeggio


Harmony and syntax for animation

Saying that re-use in animation is to avoid is like saying that to write you need to invent brand new words each time. On this principle #solfeggio was born and this is the second Singin’Flower ® curriculum’s module. We think that innovating doesn’t necessarily means creating new expressive elements (which is virtually impossible yet) but combining them in a new, unedited way, possibly surprising: for surprise is our best friend to deliver a message we care about.

In Spite of the philosophical-ontological premise, #solfeggio is absolutely a technical and practical course, that allows to get used with the tools to combine the results of the work realised in the SF1 class in the best way possible. We’ll talk about animation cycles, references and pipeline design, animation clips and layers, non-linear animation, graph editor and dope sheet, animation and pose banks.

As soon as we talk about animation syntax, we inevitably touch a topics which is useful as well as unknown to many animators: we talk about cinematography. This is why the second part of this course is about this discipline, through a camera sequencer overview and practice and focal-angle-value role in framework and shoots’ hook-up.

2 weeks of masterclass

(80 HOURS > 10 DAYS)

Description Hours %
Dailies 13 16.3
Theory 8,5 10.6
Exercises 58.5 73.1

1 week with focused exercises

(40 HOURS > 5 DAYS)

During the third and last week we’ll make the layout and pre-blocking of a complex sequence or a short movie, starting from a storyboard and working in team.